The EWYL program has made it possible for my husband and I to prepare for our little baby without breaking the bank and loading up on credit cards.
— Earn While You Learn participant

I got more than the help I needed or expected. The Next Step ladies were amazing. They made me feel more than welcome.... visiting Next Step improved my situation because I was able to get my daughter things that was [sic] needed for her arrival. I recommend Next Step to a lot of people.
— Keanua

I’m glad I watched every bit of the videos; it has helped me in so many ways. And I can proudly say I’m the mom I am now just by watching videos and interacting with the ladies at Next Step… they have helped me in so many ways. I would recommend Next Step to anybody I know that is pregnant or even if they already have kids and are struggling.
— Mary Ann

The Earn While You Learn [program] has been a double blessing. I can sit in there for hours getting all my questions answered, and on top of that, I earn boutique bucks to pick up all the baby stuff we need.
— Earn While You Learn participant

I learned I could get help and not feel bad about it - I got help when I wasn’t able to help myself. [The Next Step staff] were nice and made me feel welcome; it is a comfortable environment.
— C.S.

God has... used Next Step to inform us about our baby, give us loving women to cheer us on along the way, and to provide a huge chunk of all the baby necessities. Next Step has been the biggest blessing for our pregnancy!
— Pregnant Client

Post Abortion Healing Group Testimonials

I had not allowed myself to cry for years and years. Since having an abortion I was afraid that if I started crying I might not be able to stop. So I just held it in. [Now that I’ve participated in the post abortion healing program] I cannot explain what a relief it has been to be able to cry when I’m sad!

I was hurting, and after several weeks of meeting I was healing.

The unresolved conflicts surrounding my past abortion had messed with me. I felt isolated….lost. Now I am FOUND. I am not lost. I am FOUND.

Black and white. That describes how my world came to look in the years following my abortion. [After participating in the post abortion healing program] my world is in color again! The sky is blue, the grass is green!